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Axtra3D opens new Headquarters in Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina, recently witnessed a significant development in the 3D printing industry. Axtra3D, Inc. officially opened its new headquarters on October 9, 2023, amid an impressive VIP audience.

“Our investment in establishing Axtra3D’s Global Headquarters exemplifies our unwavering dedication to our valued customers in the United States. With the inauguration of this state-of-the-art facility, we are poised to redefine the customer service experience by maintaining a comprehensive inventory of our cutting-edge Lumia X1 printers, an extensive selection of print materials, essential accessories, and spare parts,” said Gianni Zitelli, Founder and CEO of Axtra3D.

The company, which already has an office in Vicenza, Italy, is strengthening its presence on two continents with this move. The technology behind Axtra3D is impressive. With 12 patents pending and approved, Axtra3D is driving additive manufacturing. Their proprietary technologies such as Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) and TruLayer are critical to the operation of their X1 series printers.

Of particular note is HPS technology, which combines the precision of a laser with the capabilities of a projector to provide higher resolution than traditional SLA or DLP/LCD methods.

“Our brand-new global headquarters is not merely a physical space; it stands as a tangible manifestation of our remarkable journey and boundless growth,” said Praveen Tummala, Chief Operating Officer of Axtra3D.

The new center in Charlotte positions Axtra3D at the heart of a booming high-tech corridor in North Carolina. Interested visitors can tour the headquarters and see the company’s innovative 3D printers in action.

“If you’ve been following our journey and are eager to witness how we are enabling High-Speed SLA with our Hybrid PhotoSynthesis Technology, we extend a warm invitation to visit our facility. We’re excited to welcome you and share the future of 3D printing with Axtra3D,” said Zitelli.

Axtra3D’s move shows that the company is ready to take a leadership role in the ever-evolving world of 3D printing and continue to drive the sector forward with breakthrough technologies.

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