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BEEVERYCREATIVE 3D Prints Accessories for “Mama Africa” Collection

Lisbon’s Fashion Studio reached out to 3D printing company BEEVERYCREATIVE to create unique 3D printed accessories for their “Mama Africa” collection.

“We were introduced to the beautiful pieces via some lovely drawings“, BEEVERYCREATIVE explains. “These pieces were comprised of feathers of varying sizes and evocative of African traditions, the reason being Mozambican singer Neyma was the face of the collection, fittingly entitled Mama Africa”.

Not only time was critical, but also creating different sizes with varying designs in the quantities needed. Relying on traditional manufacturing methods, designers have to place orders in the thousands, even if only a few are needed. Moreover, 3D printing allowed for a process of trial and error until the final product was properly honed.

3D printing simply showed just what it was capable of. In the words of the collection’s footwear and leatherwork designer, Paulo Pereira: “the 3D printer is the only machine that understands us.

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