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ColorFabb Releases nGen-FLEX 3D Printing Filament

ColorFabb and Eastman Chemical have collaborated on a copolyester-based material and released the nGen filament in November last year. Today the filament developer has announced a flexible version of the material: nGen_FLEX

Following colorFabb_XT, colorFabb_HT and nGen, nGen_FLEX is already the fourth filament based on Amphora’s copolyester and is made from Eastman Amphora Flex 3D Polymer FL6000.

ColorFabb describes the material as semi-flexible with good printability on most 3D printers, thus no special extruder capable of processing flexible filament is required. Being able to print at regular speeds also cuts down print time compared to other very flexible filaments. nGen_FLEX features a Shore A hardness level of 95. Users can influence the flexibility of a part by adjusting the infill and perimeter settings.


nGen_FLEX has an excellent chemical resistance and is temperature resistant to about 125°C, making it possible to steam sterilise objects at 121°C.

ColorFabb has tested the material with several printers and provides the data on recommended settings for some devices:


“Because of its durable nature the material is an excellent choice for making your own tools and clamps. Whether it’s an improvement for your workshop or actual custom made parts for a productionline, this material will be uniquely suited for the job. One project we used nGen_FLEX for this summer was the F1 open RC project. We wanted to print the entire car with co-polyester filament and found nGen_FLEX to be perfect.”

The new filament will be available in Dark Gray and Black, with further colours, such as skintone colours suitable for prosthetics, to be released in the near future. ColorFabb is currently showcasing their new material at the TCT Show in Birmingham.

nGen_FLEX can be pre-ordered as of today through colorFabb’s website, with shippings starting next week. The price for a 650 g spool is €39.95 including VAT.

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