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Eco Material and Hive 3D present virtually Carbon-Free 3D Printed House

Eco Material Technologies, the largest manufacturer of sustainable cement materials and low-carbon cement replacement products in North America, and Hive 3D, a provider of sustainable 3D-printed building projects, have unveiled the first 3D-printed homes using low-carbon cement as part of The Casitas @ The Halles.

Hive 3D’s homes use Eco Material’s eco-friendly, durable cement PozzoCEM Vite. PozzoCEM Vite and PozzoSlag increase the strength and durability of concrete while having near-zero emissions. Both replace significant proportions of Portland cement in concrete, with PozzoCEM Vite replacing as much as 100%.

In addition to the environmental benefits, Hive 3D and Eco Material have developed a system that enables the printing of sustainable concrete at a lower cost.

“Hive 3D’s commitment to building the first 100% cement replacement 3-D printed homes aligns with our goal of transitioning the construction industry away from using materials that generate approximately 8% of the world’s carbon emissions each year,” said Grant Quasha, CEO of Eco Material Technologies. “While we are known as the largest supplier of sustainable cement alternatives for large scale infrastructure projects, we are proud to be able to work with forward-thinking innovators like the team at Hive 3D to provide residential solutions as well. These homes are cost efficient, beautiful and sustainable in many senses of the word.”

“We are beyond excited to work with Eco Material Technologies, Starred Sky Development, and CyBe Construction on this new project,” added Timothy Lankau, CEO of Hive 3D. “These small homes will serve as a model for affordable and eco-friendly housing throughout the country. We plan to build them at a speed and cost point that is unprecedented in the affordable housing space.”

Eco Material also plans to unveil a new PozzoCEM formulation with 99% fewer emissions than Portland cement and announce additional infrastructure projects and strategic partnerships in 2023.

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