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Elementum 3D: A7050-RAM2 receives approval from the aluminum association

Elementum 3D, a leading developer and supplier of advanced materials, printing parameters and services for metal additive manufacturing, announces the registration of its second powder feedstock with the Aluminum Association (AA).

The Aluminum Association is committed to global aluminum standards and sustainability. It not only supports aluminum production and suppliers to the industry, but is also active in recycling research, providing business information and advising policy makers.

A7050-RAM2 from Elementum 3D is an aluminum alloy for aerospace and special applications in additive manufacturing. It is characterized by high toughness, strength and good resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Similar to the alloys A1000-RAM10, A2024-RAM2, A5083-RAM2 and A6061-RAM2, A7050-RAM2 uses Elementum 3D’s patented RAM technology. The powder feed material and RAM additives are locally activated by laser energy during the build process to create product phases that act as nuclei for the aluminum alloy during solidification. These nuclei create an equiaxed grain structure, solving the problem of hot cracking and columnar grain formation.

For decades, additive manufacturing enthusiasts have wanted a wider selection of reliable, high-performance aluminum-based powder feed materials. A7050-RAM2 has been commercially available since 2019 and can be purchased through Elementum 3D’s website or by emailing sales.

Recognition by the Aluminum Association represents a significant step forward for Elementum 3D. This certification underlines the quality of the materials and their suitability for demanding additive manufacturing applications. By continuing to develop and validate such materials, Elementum 3D is helping to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing and create new opportunities for the industry.

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