Home Industry Eplus3D provides Bioprotece and Fit3D Metal AM Solutions for Implant Manufacturing

Eplus3D provides Bioprotece and Fit3D Metal AM Solutions for Implant Manufacturing

Eplus3D, a leading manufacturer of metal 3D printers, has announced the launch of the EP-M400 quad laser metal AM printer. This move solidifies the company’s position in the additive manufacturing market.

Thanks to a partnership with Tecmahe, an Argentine industrial solutions provider, Eplus3D is collaborating with Bioprotece and Fit3D, a manufacturer of implantable prostheses. Bioprotece has revolutionized the production of customized prostheses with complex structures using Eplus3D’s EP-M260 metal 3D printer.

The EP-M260 meets Bioprotece’s stringent requirements for supertrabecular prosthetic structures. These prostheses promote osseointegration and bone regeneration. To meet the high precision requirements, Eplus3D performs strict quality control of the laser beams and uses advanced technologies such as innovative gas flow management and an optimized filter system.

With two lasers and the ability to operate continuously, the EP-M260 has significantly expanded Bioprotece’s production capacity, enabling faster turnaround times for custom solutions. The collaboration between Eplus3D and Bioprotece and Fit3D shows promising prospects for helping more patients. With the rapid expansion of the metal AM industry, more profound collaborations are expected that could significantly improve the lives of people in need.

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