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Essentium opens Filament Store in Austin

3D printer manufacturer Essentium has opened a filament store in Austin. This strategic move is a direct result of Essentium’s recent partnership with 3D Fuel, and aims to expand 3D printing opportunities and encourage engagement with local manufacturers.

Until now, there has been no dedicated brick-and-mortar store for the 3D printing community in the Austin metropolitan area. The new store intends to fill that gap. The store’s concept borrows from the success of a similar store operated by 3D Fuel in Fargo, North Dakota, and offers the benefit of in-person interactions with experts combined with expedited same-day printing services.

The store offers a wide range of materials in more than 40 colors, including the ultra-durable Tough Pro PLA+ and other popular filaments.

Said Nirup Nagabandi, Ph.D., Vice President of Materials Engineering, Essentium, “Our physical filament store embodies innovation and offers cutting-edge 3D printing tech for makers. It aims to redefine accessibility, making 3D printing tangible and interactive. The store bridges technology with personal interaction, creating a dynamic space where visitors can engage with experts, receive expert material guidance, and actively participate in immersive tours that demystify the intricate process of filament production.”

In a move that demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility, Essentium is also introducing a spool recycling service. This allows customers to reuse spools, minimizing waste and contributing to sustainability.

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