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Wear tests of different 3D printing filaments

Which 3D printing filament lasts the longest? A YouTuber has subjected various materials to a demanding wear test and evaluated the results.

My Tech Fun” printed test samples from a total of 18 common filaments such as PLA, PETG, PA and TPU from various manufacturers. These were clamped in a device in which they were guided over a steel shaft on both sides under a weight load of 2.5 kg. The shaft moved back and forth at two strokes per second.

As expected, the inexpensive PLA performed worst in terms of wear resistance. The best results were achieved by PETG, PA and TPU, although there were some major differences between different brands: the most durable PLA sample outperformed the weakest ABS variant and came close to the lowest PETG quality.

The test results underline that investing in higher-quality 3D printing materials can definitely be worthwhile. Depending on the intended use, a robust PETG or TPU filament from a top brand can be a much better choice.

The full test is documented in detail in the video and is particularly interesting for 3D printing users who manufacture components that are exposed to high mechanical loads.

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