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Evonik and BellaSeno work on commercialization of 3D-printed implants

Evonik and BellaSeno, a developer of 3D-printed resorbable scaffolds, are working together to commercialize 3D-printed scaffolds for bone regeneration. The bone scaffolds are made from Evonik’s resomer polymers and are used for large and complex bone defects.

“We are excited that these scaffolds offer patients superior healing for bone defects. In BellaSeno we have found a likeminded partner, passionate to innovate for better health and well-being,” said Andreas Karau, global head of Medical Device Solutions at Evonik’s Health Care business line.

BellaSeno’s custom-made, resorbable bone scaffolds bring a step-change in the way bone and soft tissue defects are treated by ensuring the correct anatomical positions of tissue grafts. Although tissue autographs are considered the gold standard for tissue regeneration, they sometimes lack stability and cannot be packed in a controlled manner. BellaSeno’s 3D-printed tissue scaffolds address these limitations.

Resomer is the industry’s most comprehensive GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) portfolio of standard, custom and specialized bioresorbable polymers for use with implantable medical devices. Various special Resomer® formulations for 3D printing include filaments and powders to enable customized solutions for a diverse range of applications.

“Evonik’s Resomer polymers combine excellent stability and flexibility. These mechanical properties and their degradation profile allow the scaffold to be safely absorbed at a rate that matches the formation of the patient’s own bone,” said Mohit Chhaya, CEO of BellaSeno. “We believe that these novel bone generation implants hold great promise for patients.”

BellaSeno is a German-Australian medical device company that focuses on regenerative implants produced by additive manufacturing across multiple structure tissue reconstruction.

Evonik is a leading global system solutions provider for innovative materials in the medical device and pharmaceutical markets and related applications. The company’s medical device solutions portfolio is rooted in science and driven by continuous innovation to empower medical device companies to deliver on their promise of a healthier, fuller life to millions of people.

Find out more about Evonik at corporate.evonik.com.

For more infromation about BellaSeno, please visit bellaseno.com.

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