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Febtop Tech develops AR-based 3D modeling software for mobile platforms

Our AR-modeling software is aiming to make 3D modeling more intuitive and natural by allowing the user to draw 3D designs with basic shapes in an AR environment on your phone or tablet.

Febtop, the Swedish tech company, announced today that they are working on the development of an augmented reality 3D modeling application for mobile phones and tablets.

“When we observe new users, with no previous 3D printing experience working with our 3D printers, we often see them struggle as they try to learn a 3D modeling software or a CAD program. We quickly realized that we had to find a way to make that process more natural and inviting for new designers”, says Tom Yang, CEO at Febtop Tech.

In the AR environment, the idea is that you create your design by drawing basic shapes on the desk in front of you like boxes, cylinders, pyramids, spheres, cones etc., while looking through your phone or tablet. You can move and place objects naturally anywhere you want, and easily view your creation from any angle by moving your phone around the design. When you feel done with your design you can simply export your 3D model to the STL format. You also have the option to send the design for direct printing on one of our 3d printers, Optimus or Nimo 3D. Optimus is our modular, premium 3D printer developed for makers, product designers, engineers and artists. It is very robust, adaptable and low maintenance. The Nimo 3D is our smaller model and is designed for everyone. It is very affordable and easy to use.

By using AR technology we are trying to lower the entry barrier for new designers and makers. We are working together with schools and educators to make 3D printing more accessible. Currently the app is being developed for Android. Other platforms will be added in later stages of the development.

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