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Filaments.directory Selected in FABulous “Open Call” Contest, Joins Four Month 3D Printing Acceleration Program

The 3D printing filament database and platform will join the four month FABulous Acceleration Program, and will receive infrastructure assistance, mentoring, and up to €30.000 in funding.

(Brussels, Belgium) August 18, 2016 – Already recognized as one of the optimal places to find information about and purchase 3D printing filaments from all around the global, Filaments.directory is now set to expand even further. Based out in Belgium, the platform offers 3D printing enthusiasts insight on the latest trends regarding the filament market, and also serves as a search engine to help find the optimal material for your specified 3D printing purpose. After submitting a business proposal for the “3rd Open Call on 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication” competition hosted by FABulous, which is a 3D printing accelerator for European companies, Filaments.directory was one of the applicants selected for their four month acceleration program.

The four month program will provide the Filaments.directory team with infrastructure assistance, mentoring, and up to €30.000 in funding. The FABulous team selected the project due to the vital services and information that Filaments.directory provides the 3D printing community, which are difficult to find elsewhere, even from the filament companies themselves. By collection all of the information on different filaments from around the world, Filaments.directory helps makers seamlessly sort through different filament brands and formulations, essentially helping to make the 3D printing projects simplified and optimized.

“Thanks to Fabulous program, we will be able to be grow faster with excellent mentoring and networking opportunities,” said Gauthier de Valensart, founder of Filaments.directory. “We are eager to announce the new features which will be unique and essential for the entire 3D printing community.”

FABulous team is aiming to create and support the entire 3D printing ecosystem, bringing investors and innovators together to help improve the fields of design, manufacturing, as well as other logistic and content-based services. In total, FABulous received 79 applications from SMEs and entrepreneurs looking to challenge and change traditional manufacturing business models through their innovative ideas, products, or business models relating to 3D printing manufacturing and digital fabrication.

With the selection, Filaments.directory plans to enhance their 3D printing platform through the FABulous Acceleration Program, which will include an intensive training week in September. Aside from the initial mentoring and potential funding, Filaments.directory will have the opportunity to connect with the 20 FABulous projects that are already receiving support via the acceleration program.

The ambitious proposal by Filaments.directory includes a number of new features that will make their way to the Filaments.directory platform, each of which will be announced one by one between September and December. Filaments.directory will also be present at the TCT Show, taking place September 28 to 29 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. They will be located in Booth H46F in the Startup Zone.

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