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FKM Sintertechnik Orders LaserCUSING Systems from Concept Laser

Sintertechnik GmbH based in Biedenkopf has been an important pioneer in selective laser sintering (SLS) in Germany and Europe since 1994. According to the company, it is one of the largest providers of additively manufactured products in Europe, yet its 3D metal printing capacity is still experiencing expansion with an eye toward the future. Beside the existing 3000 m2 production area, a new 700 m2 production hall is currently being built in Biedenkopf to meet the vigorously growing demand for additive products made of metal. FKM Sintertechnik GmbH is betting on machine solutions from Concept Laser for this facility and has ordered several machines in the medium and large build-chamber range.

FKM Sintertechnik bets on machine solutions from the Concept Laser Company

Harald Henkel, Managing Director of FKM Sintertechnik GmbH, commented: “The market is currently developing toward batch production of 3D metallic products. In addition to the classic small batches and prototypes, industrial production lot sizes with a distinctive serial character are appearing now as well. With the strategic expansion of our 3D printing capacity, we want to be able to respond to increasing demand in a very flexible way and also to get in on increasing product dimensions.” The FKM Sintertechnik machine park already features the Mlab cusing and M2 cusing models from Concept Laser, as well as models from other suppliers. They were accompanied by a new M2 cusing Multilaser last fall, and as Harald Henkel explains, there’s more to come: “We have ordered another M2 cusing Multilaser for 2016. Build rates and the suitability of Multilaser technology for batch production fit very nicely with our business strategy, and we also want to be involved with very large build chambers. A new X line 2000R from Concept Laser featuring the world’s largest build envelope for powder-bed-based laser melting with metals will be delivered to us here in Biedenkopf in Q1 2016.”

Machine solutions from Concept Laser impressed the decision makers at FKM Sintertechnik GmbH thanks to the systems’ high-quality and rugged design and the stringent safety standards applied in accordance with ATEX directives for the safe processing of reactive materials. In addition to their “external values,” the systems’ high performance and excellent surface quality are also impressive.

The M2 cusing Multilaser from Concept Laser; Image: Concept Laser
The M2 cusing Multilaser from Concept Laser; Image: Concept Laser

Investing in the medium build-chamber range – The M2 cusing Multilaser

The new M2 cusing Multilaser has been outfitted with a new and modern set of “clothes,” but the changes are more than skin deep. The machine also features a fully integrated design, which means that “satellite solutions” are no longer used for laser sources and filter technology. This closed solution is advantageous to the user thanks to the accessibility of system components and a reduced space requirement. This new machine design doesn’t just underscore further development of system technology externally, though. The new M2 cusing also features a new filter concept with a filter surface five times greater in size, having increased from a previous 4 m2 to 20 m2 now. The new filter module was designed with fixed piping and to be fully integrated into the system. As a result, the filter’s replacement intervals can be extended considerably, which increases overall system availability. This is especially noticeable when using Multilaser technology and from the resulting increase of smoke particles. This is why significantly faster build rates require safer filter replacement concepts. Every filter replacement has to be fast and easy. The new filter technology was developed with a primary focus on safety aspects. This is why the M2 cusing is outfitted with a water-floodable filter as standard, so as to ensure safe handling during filter replacement.

X line 2000R from Concept Laser; Image: Concept Laser
X line 2000R from Concept Laser; Image: Concept Laser

Investing in the largest build-chamber range – The X line 2000R

Coming in at 800 x 400 x 500 mm3 (L x W x H), the new X line 2000R from Concept Laser features the world’s largest build envelope currently available and boasts high build rates using Multilaser technology. The X line 2000R increases build volume in comparison to its predecessor model by nearly 27% from 126 L to 160 L and works with two 1,000-Watt lasers. This enables exposure of the build area from two positions simultaneously. The X line 2000R also has a rotating mechanism which allows two build modules to be used reciprocally, thus guaranteeing constant production with no downtimes. The sieving station is also new, whereby a quiet vibration sieve is used instead of a tumbler sieve. This makes for a more compact design, as the over-sized grain container is smaller and integrated into the sieving station. The new sieve module reduces the system’s footprint and is visually fully clad, which makes for a clean and tidy environment. The newly designed dosing unit enables full dose chamber filling within a single cycle.

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