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German high-tech company EOS expands its global footprint with the opening of a new office and technical center in Shanghai

EOS, the German market and technology leader for design-driven, integrated e-Manufacturing solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM, or “Industrial 3D Printing”), expands its global footprint and today opens a new office and technical center in Shanghai. The company, headquartered in Krailling near Munich/Germany, can now offer from Shanghai advanced and much quicker support services to its Chinese customers. As part of their local service offerings, the team headed by Jack Wu, Regional Manager of the Greater China Region, will offer trainings, building of benchmarks, machine installation, maintenance and repair as well as technology demonstration. As part of the new office EOS will open up a local technical center which will feature a selection of their key plastic and metal AM systems, including EOSINT M 280, EOSINT P 395 andFORMIGA P 110. To begin with, EOS will mainly focus on industrialautomation, aerospace, automotive, tooling and other lifestyleapplication. At the same time, EOS with its technology can contribute to the further development of the medical such as orthopedic implants as well as dental industry.

Additive Manufacturing: a driver for change in the Chinese manufacturing world

Terrence Oh, Vice President Asia Pacific at EOS, adds: “China intends to evolve from being ‘the factory of the world’ into a knowledge-driven economy based on innovative products and services. As such, the EOS industrial 3D printing technology will play a vital role in this country. China too is the most important manufacturing market and has a clear commitment to Additive Manufacturing (AM) as the technology impacts almost all of China’s strategic emerging industries, including advanced equipment manufacturing, information technology, biology, new materials and new-energy vehicles. EOS, in return, has a clear commitment to the Chinese market. Our technology is a driver for a change in the manufacturing world and as such supports China’s evolution from a mostly factory-based economy to one built on high-end and high-tech manufacturing.”

Overcoming the limits imposed by conventional production techniques

Additive Manufacturing is a layer-by-layer manufacturing process by which digital 3D CAD design data are used to build components from plastic andmetal powder materials. It is a design-driven manufacturing where design determines production. As such, it overcomes the limits normally imposed by conventional, manufacturing-driven production techniques. It paves the way for a paradigm shift in design and manufacturing. AM is an ideal technology for making prototypes (Rapid Prototyping, RP) during the early development phase of a product and consequently accelerates product development and market launch. More and more, the AM technology also becomes a valid alternative for small batch size serial production at reasonable unit costs, at the same time enabling a high degree of product customization, part complexity, lightweight structure, part optimization and functional integration.

Terrence Oh concludes: “Already today, the EOS technology benefits companies in a wide range of sectors. We support our customers worldwide to address the most demanding challenges industry companies currently have, among them shorter R&D times, sustainability and weight issues, cycle time reduction and reduced manufacturing costs to name a few. Together with our customers we develop AM solutions that meet their most demanding challenges and can create competitive advantages for them.”

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