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GlobalFSD: Marketplace for 3D Printing Filament Samples – Update

The UK-based distributor of 3D printer filament, 3DFilaPrint, has launched a new web shop globally offering samples of filament.

February 26, 2015: Called the Global Filament Sample Depot (GlobalFSD), the venture is dedicated to sell small quantities of a variety of filaments. After choosing the preferred currency, customers can browse through a wast selection for 5 and 10 meter samples in both 1.75 mm and 3 mm diameter. Among the manufacturers featured in the sample web shop are taulman 3D, NinjaFlex, colorFabb, fillamentum, 3DXTech, MakerBot, Formfutura, MadeSolid, FilaCycle and many more. 5-meter-samples cost between € 2 and € 6, depending on the material. Besides basic materials and colours there are numerous exotic filaments like Nylon, bronzeFill, Bendlay, Glow in the Dark, conductive filaments etc. and resin on offer.

GlobalFSD operates a free delivery service on all their products within the UK and claims to charge competitive rates for shipping outside the country.


September 17, 2015: Update – GlobalFSD Expands to US Market

GlobalFDS‘s new outlet in the US will cater to the North and South American market due to the high demand coming from the area. This will reduce shipping costs for their US customers.

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