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Infinite introduces a new support material and premier additive manufacturing service

Infinite Materials Solutions, LLC (Infinite™) had its debut for a new line-up of additive manufacturing innovations and services at this year’s RAPID + TCT conference. At the booth, Infinite introduced a new support material and premier additive manufacturing service.

Visitors were able to interact with their innovation team directly and witness Infinite materials in action on a BCN3D W27 and Ultimaker S3 printers. They also saw the dissolution process of AquaSys® soluble support materials at an Ultimaker© dissolution station.

“We’re excited to return to RAPID to be with the best minds in additive manufacturing,” says Jeff Feddersen, Senior Sales Manager, Infinite Material Solutions. “We innovate to serve the needs of the world and can’t wait to talk with the rest of the industry about the future of 3D printing.”

Attendees had a chance to experience and demo Infinite’s latest support material, AquaSys GP (General Purpose). The team showcased this environmentally friendly water-soluble alternative to PVA and its adhesion and dissolution characteristics, printing performance, and more. AquaSys GP will be available for purchase online through select Infinite resellers.

Additionally, Interfacial, the innovation engine behind Infinite’s portfolio of novel materials, showcased EMPOWR3D, a new turnkey suite of additive manufacturing services that seeks to create, collaborate, and knowledge share within the 3D printing sector. Services offered include material development, feedstock creation, printer selection and tuning, part design, printing, and characterization. EMPOWR3D is platform-agnostic, giving customers the resources to address their needs in whichever way suits them.

EMPOWR3D is designed to simplify the complex world of additive manufacturing by providing resources and a closed loop solution from prototyping to production.

“We recognize we’ve hit critical mass in the playground of additive manufacturing and with so much innovation, it can be hard to make 3D printing work for specific company needs,” says Jeffrey J. Cernohous, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer and Member of Interfacial Consultants LLC. “The goal of EMPOWR3D is to streamline the future of 3D printing by showcasing its simplicity and efficiency for every potential user.”

Infinite also gave guests access to their new “High-Temperature Soluble Core Applications in Additive Manufacturing” whitepaper, which demonstrates how water-soluble support material AquaSys 180 optimizes soluble core solutions.

Learn more at infinitematerialsolutions.com.

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