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JPB Système receives Funding from the French Government

JPB Système, a leader in technology solutions for efficiency improvement, has received funding from the French government as part of the “France 2030” investment program. President Macron’s initiative includes a €54 billion package to support innovation and transformation of key industries.

JPB Système had submitted separate applications to invest in the KeyProd production monitoring solution and Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ) 3D printing technology. Both applications were approved by the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI).

“Our KeyProd production monitoring solution is already delivering quantifiable for customers by enabling them to enjoy overall equipment effectiveness of up to 15%, thanks to the insight it offers insofar as the causes of machine downtime. This funding will allow us to consolidate the existing baseline, develop new applications, and in due course launch a new product line to better track machine performance and production follow-up,” he explains.

The funding also supports JPB’s ongoing MBJ 3D printing operation, which has potential positive environmental impacts for aerospace parts manufacturing and aircraft decarbonization.

“Crucially, this investment injection will allow us to confirm the results we have achieved in trials and stabilise the MBJ process for production,” he explains. “We believe that this technology will enable us to reduce production times for certain parts and speed up delivery times to customers, while the flexibility of MBJ also means that we can produce 100 completely different parts in the same time that it would take to produce 100 that are identical. We will also launch a study on manufacturing with stainless steel via the MBJ platform in 2024,” Damien Marc concludes.

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