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Keystone Industries resins now on the list of validated materials for Sisma’s DLP 3D printer, Everes

Sisma, Italian manufacturer of DLP 3D printing equipment, keeps increasing the list of available materials for the dental field by officially releasing parameters for Keystone Industries KeyModel Ultra®.

Sisma adds Keystone Industries KeyModel Ultra® in light grey and ivory colour to the list of Everes compatible resins. The validation is the result of a collaboration between both companies, and their plan is to extend the machine compatibility to the whole KeyPrint portfolio. Development of the KeyGuide®, KeySplint Soft® and KeySplint Hard® parameters are already in final stage of validation, expected to be delivered to the market very soon.

Keystone’s group of dental companies focus largely on consumable digital, laboratory, operatory and preventative products. The company is a global supplier with distribution partners in more than 70 countries. Keystone has been formulating biocompatible photopolymer resins for dental and cosmetic application for more than 30 years and maintains FDA licensing, ISO1385 and 22716 certifications, along with international product registrations. Keystone Industries has collaborated with Henkel to formulate and introduce the next generation of 3D dental resins, designed for unmatched accuracy, detail and processing speed.

Miguel Perez, Keystone’s Vice President of International Sales Development, noted that, “Sisma has a strong reputation for quality, and we believe we can help each other continue to grow in Europe, North America and other territories.”

More information at www.sisma.com.

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