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LatticeRobot establishes Community for Lattice Research, Discovery and Interoperability

LatticeRobot has created a community to address the challenges of lattice research, discoverability and interoperability. Lattices could revolutionize advanced manufacturing, but there is a lack of shared knowledge. LatticeRobot seeks to bridge this gap by providing a computational workspace for engineers to pool global knowledge about lattices, textures, and mesoscale applications.

“I’ve spent the past decade delivering innovation through novel lattices and foams in metal additive manufacturing, an expensive and time consuming process,” said Matt Shomper, CEO of LatticeRobot. “The way we ultimately accelerate progress is by combining our knowledge and working together, and that’s why we built LatticeRobot.”

LatticeRobot creates an interactive environment where engineer*s can explore how combining base materials and lattice geometries leads to data-driven results. The platform combines lattice geometry and empirical data to generate optimized unit cells that are compatible with advanced lattice software.

“LatticeRobot is a great approach that bundles decades of hard-to-obtain knowledge of the leading experts in design for additive manufacturing and makes advanced lattice engineering accessible to everyone,” said Alexander Oster, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Autodesk.

LatticeRobot is in a private beta phase until summer 2023 and is looking for partners* to collaborate on data structures and reference systems. From fall 2023, the platform will be publicly accessible.

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