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Lifelike 3D Printed Action Figures Created with SCANIFY 3D Scanner

TOYZEROPLUS is using the Fuel3D’s SCANIFY handheld 3D scanner to create its range of custom-made action figures.

The heads of TOYZEROPLUS figures are noted for their lifelike facial details. The company uses a range of different methods to collect the image data from its customers and finishes the products using a traditional hand-painted approach that provides incredible realism. The heads that the company produces range from a small 1:6 scale, which is the most common size for action figures, all the way up to a full size 1:1 replica.

We are always looking for new ways to capture the details of our customers’ features so that we can create end-products that fulfill their desire to have an action figure that looks just like them,” said Wilson Tam, founder of TOYZEROPLUS. “We are pleased to say that we are now able to use SCANIFY data in our processes – it is very appropriate for our business as it captures much more detail than other low-cost 3D scanners.


SCANIFY is used to capture a client’s facial detail, which allows the creation of an accurate model of the client’s facial geometry. Additional parts of the head, including hair, which is not easily scanned in 3D, are recreated in software from 2D images.

fuel3d_toyzeroplus_3d_scanner_scanify5“Using SCANIFY saves us huge amounts of time in the creation of every head – taking out the guesswork of building each model,” said Tam. “Previously, we had to try and recreate a person’s facial structure from the images, but this always involved a lot of estimation and time-consuming manual processes, as well as several exchanges back and forth with the customer to get their comments and approval.

fuel3d_toyzeroplus_3d_scanner_scanify1After the 3D file of the whole head with facial and hair details has been created, TOYZEROPLUS prints it using a high definition resin-based 3D printer. The heads are then hand-painted and finished by TOYZEROPLUS’s in-house craftsmen.

TOYZEROPLUS is planning a global expansion of its business and views SCANIFY as being a tool that can support its growth.


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