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Lower prices for professional 3D printers – 3DGence permanently reduces prices and opens an e-shop in EU

3DGence, an European manufacturer of professional 3D printers, has changed the sales channel and reduces prices of its machines. 3DGence DOUBLE P255 and 3DGence ONE will be cheaper by 861 €. Both machines are available in the e-shop, that operates in the European Union.

Many manufacturing companies are wondering about the reasonability of implementing 3D printing technology into their processes. Large 3D printers dedicated to industrial applications usually means high expenditure. Not every enterprise wants to invest until they find out what the real benefits of a 3D printing are. 3DGence decided to reduce the price of its two machines. It gives the opportunity for companies that are not sure about their investment in industrial solutions to still benefit from professional 3D printing.

– A good solution is to choose a machine from the professional segment at the very beginning. Such 3D printers have a narrower range of applications and fewer features, but they guarantee very good print quality and allow companies to verify the profitability of the investment before buying a larger and more advanced 3D printer – explains Mateusz Sidorowicz, Marketing Director, 3DGence.

Professional 3D printers are equipped with an autocalibration, toolless swappable hotends, has stable construction and heated working area. These features allow to achieve high dimensional accuracy of 3D printouts, low operating costs and failure-free operation.

– Professional 3D printers are perfect machines to increase the efficiency of production processes. The 3DGence core business is the sale of INDUSTRY line of 3D printers for industrial applications, but we know how important it is for businesses to test printing capabilities and achieve the lowest possible cost of high-quality and accurate 3D prints. This is why we have introduced significant price reductions for two of our professional machines. We want to give companies the opportunity to check high-quality 3D printing by testing a professional machine – says Karol Kula, Sales Director, 3DGence

3DGence started the online sales of 3DGence DOUBLE P255, which can be purchased for 2 199 €, and 3DGence ONE, which is available for 1 699 €. In addition, you can buy certified materials compatible with these 3D printers and all the accessories needed for printing, including hotends and enclosures, from our online shop at https://store.3dgence.com/. This offer is available only in European Union.

However, the existing model of industrial 3D printers sales, 3DGence INDUSTRY F340, remains unchanged. They are still sold by distributors all over the world.

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