Home Industry Mechnano awarded 2023 Mexico Technology Award for ESD-Resin C-Lite

Mechnano awarded 2023 Mexico Technology Award for ESD-Resin C-Lite

Mechnano recently received the prestigious “2023 Mexico Technology Award” in the ESD materials category. The award was given for the “C-Lite” Vat photopolymerization resin developed in collaboration with Tethon3D. The product was specifically developed to optimize manufacturing processes of electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers.

In the dynamic environment of electronics manufacturing, especially for custom applications and low-volume production, manufacturers must ensure that printed circuits are protected during high-temperature reflow processes. This requires specialized carriers and pallets. These play a critical role in protecting electronic components from electrostatic discharge while withstanding repeated high-temperature soldering cycles (up to 245°C).

However, conventional manufacturing techniques can slow production and increase the cost of custom ESD components.

To respond to these challenges, Mechnano and Tethon3D developed the “C-Lite” resin. This resin is specifically designed for use in various Vat photopolymerization systems. The use of this process allows the production of parts with the highest precision and excellent surface finish. It also allows for high design flexibility, enabling the rapid printing of customized parts.

The launch of “C-Lite” represents a significant advance in additive manufacturing capabilities for ESD materials. EMS providers could benefit significantly from this innovation by producing faster, reducing costs and increasing their overall efficiency.

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