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Mechnano PK ESD powder receives Approval for Farsoon Machines

Farsoon, a leading global manufacturer of polymer and metal laser sintering equipment, has released Mechnano‘s PK ESD powder for its 252P and Flight 403P series. This special laser sintering powder combines Jabil’s proprietary PK 5000 powder with a coating formulation based on Mechnano’s D’Func technology. This technology specifically uses discrete, dispersed, and functionalized carbon nanotubes.

The highlight of this advance lies in the novel electrostatic dispersing properties introduced by the D’Func-based coating in laser-sintered parts. The PK ESD powder retains the advantageous properties of the PK 5000: Environmental friendliness, high impact resistance, chemical and abrasion resistance, and improved elongation compared to conventional nylons.

Furthermore, thanks to D’Func, PK ESD records impressive improvements:

  • A 25% increase in impact strength to 103.6 J/m
  • An increase in elongation at break of 20% to 44%.
  • Flexure samples show no fracture within the 5% elongation limit per ASTM D790 Procedure A & B.

“PK ESD’s nano uniformity is the answer to alternative ESD powder and filament solutions with unpredictable ESD performance.” says Mechnano President Bryce Keeler. “With Farsoon, we’re enabling the AM market by eliminating expensive and time-consuming requirements to test and validate static-dissipative performance for each part. And the fact we are doing this with a high-performance and eco-friendly material makes it even more compelling.”

“We are excited to work with Mechnano’s innovative D’Func coating,” said Don Xu, managing director of Farsoon Americas Corp. “Applied to materials such as PK5000, this coating and powder combination has the potential to open up new avenues of additive manufacturing applications.”

The PK ESD on Farsoon machines enables the production of precise, high-performance parts. It is ideal for end-use applications in drones, fuel systems and rugged ESD tooling.

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