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MFG Platform presents more Features and new Look

Digital manufacturing services provider Shapeways has acquired the MFG platform in 2022. After introducing new features, MFG presents itself in a new look and offers even more new features.

MFG’s revamped look, including its logo and color palette, reflects the company’s technology-driven nature and innovation. The platform also focuses on enhanced features to meet the needs of modern manufacturers and buyers.

One highlight is the new “Transactions” function. It allows manufacturers to send invoices and buyers to pay securely within the MFG platform. Integration with leading ERP systems, such as Quickbooks, and secure transaction management systems, such as Stripe, support this process.

The “MFG Orders” feature strengthens the platform in managing the entire production process. With “Parts Tracking” and the ability to create purchase orders, regular updates are provided on the status of customized parts orders.

Of particular interest to tech-savvy users will be the newly introduced 3D Model Viewer. This tool makes it possible to visualize 3D models of the custom-made parts. This enables more accurate and efficient costing, which optimizes the entire quotation process.

MFG’s realignment demonstrates the importance of adapting to market needs and technological developments. The company has invested not only in its platform, but also in its team to provide the best possible support to customers. The latest developments and investments bode well for exciting innovations in the future and illustrate MFG’s ambition to actively shape the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.

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