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MyMiniFactory Appoints Chengxi Wang as new Chief Executive Officer and Salma Elbarmawi as Chief Marketing Officer

MyMiniFactory announces the appointment of their new Chief Executive Officer Chengxi Wang effective immediately. She joins the team with an MBA from Oxford University, and an impressive background in both Finance and Art. Wang will assume the role previously held by Romain Kidd, bringing with her a passion for innovation, creative sustainability and community, while Kidd will be taking on a new role with the organization on the Board of Directors. Additionally, with this stride to strengthen their executive team in parallel to their vision for the future, MyMiniFactory also announced the addition of Chief Marketing Officer, Salma Elbarmawi in a new extension of officers.

Wang’s financial background spans from holding a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification to fintech management; running startups in both London and New York. Her dedication and advocacy for community is reflected in her undertakings during her time in the United Nations. At the time, consulting for financial development in the UN, Wang found that she thrived in sectors of cultural diversity, interacting with over 190 cultures in the sector. Her strong desire to build for change and strengthen the bonds of cohesive communities took her to impact investing. In New York she co-founded an impact investment firm where she analyzed and employed social metrics into financial evaluations.

Aside from residing in both the US and Europe, Wang also spent the better part of her earlier years in China. While there, she spent some time working in a developing village in the Southeastern part of China, in a business management role, to develop strategies to help the community thrive sustainably by means of agriculture and local marketing.

On a more personal level, Chengxi has been a musical artist for over 10 years, ranking 2nd place in the Chinese National Singing Competition. Her musical talent extends to playing the piano, and led her to form a band at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, where she acted as lead singer alongside fellow Oxford students. In addition, her experience as founder of an avant-garde luxury jewelry line, allowed her to combine her creative works with science theory in an evolution of fashion; making a debut in London Fashion Week, Spring 2019.

“Artist or designer is more a personal identity than a profession. I’ve never been professionally trained at design school, but my desire for expressing the authenticity of who I am constantly pushes me to challenge the constraints and conventions. During this journey of self-exploration, creative art emerges naturally. I believe art and design is open to all passionate souls, regardless of background. And by joining MyMiniFactory, I will dedicate my efforts to empowering this creative community with exciting opportunities in 3D printing world.” – Chengxi Wang

Alongside the appointed CEO is the introduction of new Chief Marketing Officer Salma Elbarmawi. Previously residing in California in the United States, Elbarmawi moves to London, United Kingdom to join the team. She holds a Global Studies degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and is an experienced marketing professional and business leader with a consistent track record. Her previous experience in growth marketing and strategic partnerships is reinforced by her understanding of global business infrastructure and digital growth.

Prior to MyMiniFactory, Elbarmawi held roles in startup and fortune 100 companies. Leveraging her collaborative style of business, she intends to empower the community members and brands alike in innovative new ventures. Aside from her business endeavors, Elbarmawi is an active philanthropist, contributing to organizations including the American Heart Association Heart and Human Rights Watch.

“Behind every strong company are its people. The people it employs, the people it serves, and the people it impacts. Marketing goes far beyond SEO, it’s the strengthening of human relationships, and I’m delighted at the opportunity to build bridges between our people and our evangelists. I believe that by leveraging the accessible nature of 3D printing and design we can build solutions to create a more equitable world.”

MyMiniFactory’s investment in a robust, people oriented executive team ties in directly to their initiatives towards a more community focused, decentralized platform. Their emphasis on the talented 3D designers and 3D makers of the rapidly growing industry aligns with their mission of enabling a more decentralized ecosystem in the 3D industry.

The team continues to work hard to execute their vision and values. New initiatives and brand partnerships will be announced soon.