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PK ESD – Mechnano introduces new laser sintering powder

Mechnano unveils its first laser-sintering powder, “PK ESD,” which leverages breakthrough D’Func (Discrete, Dispersed, and Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes) technology. This offering expands Mechnano’s portfolio of electrostatic dissipative (ESD) material solutions for additive manufacturing (AM) and is based on Jabil’s PK 5000 engineered powder combined with a D’Func-based formulation to introduce ESD properties into laser-sintered parts.

PK ESD retains the benefits of Jabil PK 5000, including a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties that enable environmentally friendly parts with high impact strength, chemical and abrasion resistance, and improved elongation. The polyketone resin from which Jabil PK 5000 is made is environmentally friendly and low in carbon.

With D’Func, PK ESD parts exhibit a nano-uniform ESD resistance of 108 ohms while maintaining the impressive mechanical properties of PK 5000:

Flexural modulus: 988 MPa
UTS: 46 MPa
Elongation at break: 33%

“We are thrilled about this latest solution that leverages our D’Func technology in Laser Sintering materials,” says Bryce Keeler, Mechnano’s president. “D’Func-enhanced powders will expand the AM market’s ability to respond to the growing need for quick-turn, static-dissipative, end-use parts that support an ever-increasing array of applications made more widely available as AM materials continue to advance.”

“We are offering PK ESD directly to laser sintering companies as a white-label product and will support interested end-users as well. We are excited to continue to add new material solutions that help grow the reach of AM and welcome companies looking to formulate unique laser sintering powders to contact Mechnano.” Keeler added.

PK ESD joins an ever-growing range of masterbatches, resins and now powders for additive manufacturing that leverage the power of D’Func to deliver material improvements.

Find out more about Mechnano at mechnano.com.

For more information about Jabil, please visit jabil.com.

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