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Prirevo is expanding its machine portfolio with Eplus3D’s SLS and SLM machines

Prirevo —a leading, brand-neutral service and system provider for additive manufacturing technologies headquartered in Ried im Traunkreis, Upper Austria — announced a strategic dealership agreement with Eplus3D during the Global Partner Summit in China. As a result, Prirevo will now commence nationwide sales in Austria for SLS and SLM solutions.

Established in 2014 in Hangzhou, China, Eplus3D has carved a niche in the realm of industrial additive manufacturing systems. Their comprehensive technology suite encompasses both MPBF™ (Metal Powder Bed Fusion/SLM) and PPBF™ (Polymer Powder Bed Fusion/SLS) 3D printing techniques, catering to a diverse range of sectors from aerospace and automotive to toolmaking, healthcare, dentistry, consumer products, and precision manufacturing.

In line with its global outreach ambitions, Eplus3D sought a proficient partner to bolster its presence in the Austrian market. It was during the Global Partner Summit in China that they found their match in Prirevo. The 3D solution provider stood out not just for its adeptness at curating the best hardware solutions without brand bias, but also for its deep-seated expertise as a service provider, ensuring seamless and effective deployment.

Expanded offering for the industrial sector

The team at Prirevo is distinguished not only by its expansive customer network but also by its sterling reputation as a dependable partner, representing a plethora of brands. Their unwavering commitment to quality, user-centric benefits, and exemplary on-site service positions them as the go-to solution for a host of national and international enterprises, spanning sectors from the automotive world to its supply chain.

“Incorporating Eplus3D systems into our portfolio not only enriches our machine offerings for the industrial sector but also enhances our current service range with the addition of the cutting-edge EP-P420 model,” remarks Szilard Molnar, Prirevo’s Managing Director.

New demo system EP-P420

The recently acquired EP-P420 demo system, which employs the polymer powder bed fusion (PPBF) technology, boasts a sizable build volume of 420 x 420 x 465 mm³. This makes it perfectly suited for creating medium to large components, an optimal choice for bespoke products and series production. Not only does it amplify Prirevo’s already comprehensive manufacturing lineup, but it also serves as a tangible exhibit for clientele. The expansive build capacity of this machine further allows Prirevo to augment the production of serialized components for automotive clients under existing agreements.Interested parties can witness the demo system in action at Prirevo’s dedicated innovation center. It stands as a notable addition to their vast manufacturing arsenal, which encompasses everything from state-of-the-art 3D scanning techniques for reverse engineering to an assortment of over a dozen additive and subtractive machinery, rounded off with a plethora of post-processing procedures. This wide-ranging suite entails steps from assembly to various refinement techniques, inclusive of a proprietary paint workshop.

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