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ProductionToGo and Roboze announce distribution agreement in the DACH and Benelux regions

ProductionToGo and Roboze announced their distribution agreement aimed to support the digital transition of companies in the DACH and Benelux regions. ProductionToGo is a specialized 3D printers’ reseller, with more than 50 specialized staff in the 3D printing division and four offices in Germany and Holland. As part of the Disc Direct Group, active in the IT field since 1991, it aims to support and consult companies working in the automotive, mechanical, chemical and electrical industry.

Roboze is a technology company, specialized in the most industrialized 3D printing solutions dedicated to metal replacement with super polymers and composite materials. Roboze 3D printing systems have been already chosen by large German industrial giants such as Siemens Industries, with the aim of bringing to life complete workflows for the industrialization of 3D printing and increasing the production opportunities of manufacturing companies.

“The close relationship with our customers led us to research and analyze the best solution that could push them beyond rapid prototyping with 3D printing”, explains Maximilian Neck, General Manager of ProductionToGo. “Roboze solutions have proven to be industrial systems, developed for metal replacement and finished parts production needs with the same results of traditional methods.”

Roboze is, indeed, specialized in the development and production of high value-added solutions for manufacturing companies. The Roboze technology allows the use of high performing materials that can replace metals in extreme work environments. Examples are materials with PEEK polymeric matrix, Carbon PA or ToolingX CF, developed specifically to achieve high thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance. These materials are widely used for applications such as tooling, in support of production lines, or for the production of accurate parts with a repeatable and controlled process.

Currently, Roboze offers two series of 3D printers: the PRO Series and the Production series.

The PRO Series has been developed to support the validation of additive manufactured finished parts with super polymers and technical materials (PEEK, TPU, ABS…), but also to accelerate the research and development of new applications, as well as to speed up the warehouses’ digitization.

The Production Series, on the other hand, is composed of 3 solutions. The bigger one, the ARGO 1000, is able to produce finished parts within a printing envelope of 1m3. The ARGO printers satisfy the need of industrial production, solving the most common problems linked to the repeatability of processes, to the precision and production of high-performing polymers and composite materials.

Giancarlo Scianatico, Roboze Business Developer for the EMEA Region, states: “We are thrilled to have ProductionToGo aboard, but most of all we are very happy to have earned their trust. Everybody in Roboze believes that the union of our realities will provide great support to the manufacturing companies in the DACH and Benelux area to digitize their production processes, substituting obsolete manufacturing methods, producing components just in time and on demand with super polymers, consistently reducing costs and time.”

Choosing to implement these solutions is the key to success in responding to the supply crisis and price increases in metal materials. Taking action today means increasing the competitiveness and increasing the flexibility of the processes, aligning them with market changes.

For more information about Roboze, please visit www.roboze.com/en/.

To learn more about ProductionToGo, please visit production-to-go.com.

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