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Proto-Pasta Announces Two New PLA Materials: Stainless Steel & Magnetic Iron

Recently we have reported on the new material ProtoFlux, a magnetic, PLA based filament. Now Proto-pasta announces two new filaments: Stainless Steel & Magnetic Iron

The ironed based magnetic PLA material can not only attract magnets but also shares other properties with iron. In oder to achieve a rusty patina look, the surface of the printout can be lightly abraded with a wire brush and submerged into a salty solution for 2 to 3 days afterwards.

The Stainless Steel PLA looks like cast metal in an unfinished form or can be finished through a variety of methods to achieve different results:

from left to right: Unfinished, wire brush, polishing wheel and cream, rock tumbler for 24 hours

Both materials are available in 1.75 mm diameter in different spool sizes and can be pre-ordered online through the company’s website at the moment. Proto-pasta promises to deliver before February 2015 or sooner for orders placed by December 15.

Proto-pasta has also launched a design contest for their Stainless Steel PLA spool. The winner will receive the material before anyone else and her or his artwork will be shared across the world.

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