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Proto-pasta Introduces Conductive PLA 3D Printing Filament

Not too long ago the Canadian filament producer Proto-pasta has introduced the two materials Magnetic Iron and Stainless Steel PLA. Now they are promoting their latest 3D printing material on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The Conductive PLA filament can be used for numerous applications such as switches, potentiometers, LED’s, capacitive touch sensors and others. According to Proto-pasta it is betwenn 60 and 700,000 times more conductive that other available filaments at 15 ohm-cm. Due to its good layer adhesion it can be used in dual-head printers with other PLA filaments, e.g. creating circuits.

The FFF 3D printing material is a compound of Natureworks 4043D PLA, which is a dispersant and conductive carbon black. Available in diameters 1,75 and 2,85 the filament comes in different sizes. Offers start at $ 15 for 125 g of lose coil. Besides the spool up to a size of 2 kg, the company has created some interesting packages like the controller kit or the creator kit.

The campaign runs until January 19th and first deliveries will probably start in March 2015.

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