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qualloy and AddiMap announce Partnership

qualloy, leading digital marketplace for metal powders in additive manufacturing (AM), announces a strategic partnership with AddiMap, the first process parameter marketplace. The goal is to provide a total solution for metal powder sourcing and access to validated printing parameters.

The combination of the qualloy and AddiMap platforms provides a holistic solution for AM requirements. By linking the two marketplaces, users gain seamless access to each other’s offerings.

qualloy simplifies the powder market by providing a platform that easily brings sellers and buyers together. An intelligent search algorithm simplifies the procurement process by enabling users to find the ideal metal powders for specific machines and specifications from a wide range of global suppliers.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with AddiMap and combine our strengths to create a comprehensive solution for the AM industry,” said Yannik Wilkens, Co-founder of qualloy. “With qualloy, we have simplified the market for metal powders, enabling buyers to find the perfect match for their printers quickly. Through this partnership, we aim to further enhance the user experience by providing seamless access to AddiMap’s extensive printing parameters database, empowering users to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing.”

AddiMap reduces the time and resources required to develop parameters and qualification processes. By accessing the AddiMap parameter library, users can move from digital models to physical products without having to perform costly parameter studies.

Gregor Graf, Initiator of AddiMap, emphasized the importance of cooperation and cost reduction in advancing the adoption of Metal AM, stating, “Cooperation is the key to leverage the full potential of Metal AM. Less costs and more materials will lead to faster industrial adoption. With AddiMap, we aim to provide users with a vast range of process parameters, enabling them to increase productivity, optimize properties, explore new materials and streamline their AM operations.”

The collaboration between qualloy and AddiMap simplifies the metal powder procurement process and provides users with access to a comprehensive database of printing parameters. This partnership is driving the industrialization and democratization of additive manufacturing.

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