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Rapid Part Identifier Program – EOS and 3YOURMIND enter into Partnership

EOS North America and 3YOURMIND are entering into an innovative partnership that could revolutionize the 3D printing space. With the Rapid Part Identifier program resulting from this collaboration, companies can make the part identification process for the additive manufacturing (AM) process faster and more accurate.

By combining EOS’ technical expertise with 3YOURMIND’s software solution, companies can now take advantage of an accelerated screening process of 2D and 3D files.

“We are providing a path for organizations to leave the whiteboard and Excel spreadsheet world by creating a faster, more professional approach to building a digital parts warehouse ready for AM production,” said Fabian Alefeld, senior manager, Additive Minds. “We partnered with 3YOURMIND to help unlock AM’s potential by eliminating what historically required months of analysis, and quickly generate business cases for on-demand, highly-engineered applications.”

Historically, the Additive Minds team relied on extensive analysis of customer parts libraries to identify suitable applications for 3D printing. The new software solution, jointly developed by EOS and 3YOURMIND, digitally streamlines this process and enables the automation of part identification, qualification, order management and production planning.

Some of the core features of the jointly developed software include:

  • Leveraging EOS data to refine the 3YOURMIND algorithm and more accurately predict cost and printability.
  • Accelerating parts screening for customers* with extensive inventories of traditionally manufactured applications.
  • A digital comparison inventory that enables end users to make data-driven decisions.

”EOS has always been a strong supporter of 3YOURMIND and our vision of streamlined, intuitive additive manufacturing workflows,” says Aleksander Ciszek, co-founder and CEO of 3YOURMIND. “By collaborating with Additive Minds, we look forward to showcasing to EOS customers how simple additive manufacturing can be when it’s backed by strong part business cases from day one.”

This partnership provides a significant advancement in the efficient application of 3D printing technologies and helps companies take full advantage of the technology.

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