Home Applications & Case Studies Recycled robot from automotive industry 3D prints house in Detroit

Recycled robot from automotive industry 3D prints house in Detroit

The first 3D-printed home has been built in Detroit. It was built with the help of a robot arm from the automotive industry. The “Citizen Robotics” initiative used a converted industrial robot cell from Chicago.

The two-bedroom house, which measures just under 100 square meters, was designed by architect Bryan Cook. With its verandas and wooden roof, it blends in with Detroit’s residential buildings. The walls are made of 3D-printed elements reinforced with wood.

The goal of the pilot project is to revolutionize the building tradition and create low-cost housing. The robot enables faster and cheaper manufacturing than conventional methods. Currently, construction regulations still limit its use, but the team hopes the process will soon become widespread.

Detroit, once the center of the U.S. auto industry, is taking a hopeful step toward technological renewal with the recycled robot. The project shows how 3D printing can revolutionize housing construction and enable more affordable housing.

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