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Renca presents Cement-Free Geopolymer Mortar for 3D Printing of Houses

RENCA, a specialist in the development of geopolymers, has introduced a mortar for 3D printing that does not require Portland cement. This building material was used for the first time in the construction of a 3D-printed house and marks a significant step towards sustainable construction methods.Sustainability in construction is a major point of discussion worldwide.

In the quest to minimize environmental impact, 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular. This technology reduces material consumption and waste, but the Portland cement used in all 3D printed mortars to date has been a major carbon emitter.

RENCA offers a pioneering solution: cement-free geopolymer 3D printing mortar. Geopolymer materials are known to be up to 90% more sustainable than traditional cement analogs. They have excellent properties that allow structures to last thousands of years instead of just a few decades.

A significant milestone was recently achieved: an entire house was 3D printed using RENCA geopolymer mortar. This project was completed in extreme desert conditions in the U.S., an achievement that reflects the dedication and technical skills of the team, consisting of Strong Print 3D, RENCA and Geopolymer International.

Geopolymer mortars offer many advantages for 3D printing and other applications, including fast cure time, high strength, chemical adhesion between layers, fire and corrosion resistance. They are also more environmentally friendly than Portland cement and can use industrial byproducts for manufacturing.

RENCA is currently working to develop a single-component geopolymer mortar for continuous mixers and a 2K system that offers more flexibility and is less dependent on external conditions. The 3D printing of the first geopolymer house is an important step in RENCA’s efforts to promote sustainable building materials and methods.

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