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State of 3D Printing 2022: Sculpteo publishes report on AM market

Sculpteo has published its eighth annual State of 3D Printing report. This includes important areas such as statistics on 3D printing users, main users, strategies, sustainability and a future outlook.

Each year, the report has helped 3D printing stakeholders understand the evolution of its use, as well as the needs, expectations and barriers of 3D printing users. The survey was answered by people from different sectors, countries and industries, providing an overview of the industry and its evolution on a global scale. Thanks to your valuable survey responses, the company has been able to analyse the 3D printing industry over the last eight years. SYou have seen many significant changes, such as the recognition of 3D printing as a serious manufacturing technology and alternative to injection moulding.

Sculpteo has also seen how significant challenges such as COVID-19 have affected users. This year, the company decided to highlight a growing issue for all industries, perhaps the biggest challenge yet: Sustainability. According to this report, 81% of respondents are pursuing sustainable goals.

How are companies addressing these sustainability goals, what is the role of additive manufacturing, and how can this technology evolve to meet these critical goals?

“Having worked in the additive manufacturing industry for several years and watched the development of new advanced materials and the multiplication of applications year on year, I can say that the future of this forward-looking technology is bright. I look forward to working with you all to further expand the future of 3D printing. I wish you an informative read of this 8th edition of The State of 3D Printing!”, opens Alexandre d’Orsetti, CEO of Sculpteo.

The State of 3D Printing 2022

The company has produced this report with the participation of 3D printing users from around the world so that it can provide a global overview of the use of additive manufacturing. Sculpteo notes that these users are mainly CEOs, engineers and designers.

The company also found that users are becoming more experienced, as the number of people with five years’ experience has increased from 35% to 49% since last year. 72% use 3D printing on a regular basis. It was able to establish that the respondents are frequent users who are aware of the possibilities of 3D printing.

Download the full report at sculpteo.com/en/ebooks.

For more information about Sculpteo, please visit sculpteo.com.

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