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Stratasys: Sale of Urethane Equipment Completed

Stratasys, a leader in polymer 3D printing solutions, has completed the sale of its urethane assets from Stratasys Direct. This move will enable greater focus on the company’s core business and is expected to increase efficiency and profitability.

This sale is part of an operational transformation that began in early 2023 and aims to achieve better focus, accountability, internal efficiency and customer intimacy, while increasing profitability.

“The closing of this transaction demonstrates the clear, decisive action we are taking to ensure our team focuses on delivering quality and specialized products to customers around the world, and to improve the profitability of Stratasys Direct,” said Gurvinder Kahlon, General Manager and Vice President, Stratasys Direct. “Stratasys Direct has a strong foundation with a breadth of technological expertise, and I am confident in the opportunities ahead as we continue to take steps to drive stronger margins and position the business for future growth.”

Stratasys Direct, thanks to its broad technology expertise, has a solid foundation and there is confidence and opportunity for the future as steps continue to be taken to achieve stronger margins and position the business for future growth.

“This is an important step in aligning the business to the company’s growth strategy and streamlining the organization for improved efficiency,” said Dr. Yoav Zeif, CEO of Stratasys. “The Stratasys Direct team is already improving our SAF and P3 technologies and they have grown key customer relationships through cross-selling. With even greater focus on the core strengths and technologies of Stratasys, the team will be even better positioned to provide customers with leading additive manufacturing solutions.”

This news highlights Stratasys’ continued evolution and adaptation in an ever-growing and changing market for 3D printing technologies, and symbolizes the company’s commitment to driving innovative solutions in the field.

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