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taulman 3D Launches Innovative “In-PLA” Filament

Developer and manufacturer of 3D printing materials, taulman3D, has released an innovative industrial PLA filament.

Called In-PLA, the new material features an enhanced strength along with more vibrant and transparent colours.

“While the reduced shrinkage of PLA has been of interest to taulman3D for some time, it was important we bring additional new and innovative features to the 3D Printing community that went further than what is currently available from hundreds of material suppliers around the world. While the small shrinkage feature is a significant advantage of PLA, we wanted to bring PLA closer to the utility side of 3D Printing.”

The clear base material without a yellow tinge allows for the follow-on colours to be significantly more lustrous and vibrant. The clarity of the In-PLA material meets a transmission specification of 90% at 2 mm. By coating it with XTC-3D, a two-component brush on coating for printouts, objects become more transparent.

The filament is available in clear, red, blue, green and black through taulman’s webshop. A 1 kg spool of In-PLA in 1,75 mm or 2,85 mm is priced at $ 46 (non-US shipping additional $ 59.10.

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