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The world’s most powerful Light Engine is now ready for dynamic exposure

The flagship system HELIOS of the Austrian technology company IN-VISION now comes in a version for dynamic exposure, multiple wavelengths and as “HELIOS S” with the ultra-high intensity of up to 16 watts in the image plane.

Since its launch in 2020, HELIOS System has inspired hundreds of users of industrial 3D-Printers and researchers to develop the next generations of resins which demand extremely high intensity. Now the Austrian manufacturer of industrial UV Light Projectors added new features, leading to more efficiency in 3D-Printing and Lithography and opening completely new applications. “In the end, it’s always about productivity for our customers

We help to increase this by shortening exposure times and enlarging construction fields with our projectors.” explains Florian Zangerl, CEO of IN-VISION. These targets are achieved with two different measurements: first, a new illumination unit that brings even more light power to the image plane, which makes exposure times shorter. Second, the unique capability to scroll over the image plane enabling a nearly unlimited build area size. “This feature combined with the reliability and the power of HELIOS is an exciting option for machine builders and not limited to 3D-Printing”, says Christof Hieger, CTO of IN-VISION.

New options of HELIOS will be available in the following versions:

    A brand-new UV Light Projector based on a reliable industry platform for dynamic exposure. HELIOS X combines the proven optical system with new electronics. To name some of the new features: it includes an open FPGA on board making the unit as open and customizable as possible, plus HELIOS X gives you the possibility to use an optical PCIe-Interface to ensure high-speed scrolling.
    The S stands for “Superpeak,” meaning the already high performance is increased even more. While the standard version achieves 12W peak power in the image plane, HELIOS S reaches up to 16W. This value is essential when it comes to working with resins, which demand high power or exposure to large areas. Even at a pixel size of 160um, the peak intensity reaches over 15mW/cm2.
  • HELIOS Duo & HELIOS Trio
    The world ́s first Light Engine with triple wavelengths makes it possible to work with up to
    three multiple wavelengths from 365 to 405 nanometers at a time.

Besides these options, customers can choose between lenses from 2 to 160um pixel size. The HELIOS system is water-cooled with a fully encapsulated light path, designed for rough production environments, where dust and vapors are tough on optical systems. All optical elements and their coatings have been optimized for the best uniformity and contrast ratios. The entire projector is based on a modular design, entirely built from sub-assemblies, offering maximum accessibility and allowing the customer to exchange the LED module in the field.

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