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Third Element Aviation enters into Partnerships for improved Drone Components

Third Element Aviation, a prominent drone manufacturer from Germany, has partnered with Fiberthree and Thought3D to improve reliability and quality assurance in 3D printing for drone components.

The increasing importance of drones in various fields such as agriculture and emergency response has increased the need for custom components. Low-cost industrial 3D printers can produce these parts, but materials present challenges for manufacturers. For example, carbon-filled nylon materials are tough but susceptible to moisture absorption.

While high-quality filaments are on the market, improper handling and insufficient drying can compromise quality. That’s where the joint efforts of Third Element Aviation, Thought3D and Fiberthree come in.

Third Element Aviation encountered quality issues in the production of its versatile Auriol drones. However, by integrating Fiberthree’s advanced materials and Drywise’s innovative in-line dryer, the company was able to achieve a significant improvement in part quality. The in-line drying process ensures consistent quality and minimizes scrap, which increases production rates and reduces costs.

Solutions such as in-line drying could play a key role in the quality assurance of critical components in the future. The case study points to a scenario where 3D printers, advanced materials and innovative technologies like Drywise work synergistically together to further push the boundaries of quality and reliability.

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