Home Industry Titomic presents 3D Printing Container for Repairs

Titomic presents 3D Printing Container for Repairs

Australian company Titomic has unveiled a mobile 3D printing solution for repairs. The 20-foot container includes 3D printers that can deposit various metals such as copper or aluminum on site.

The Mobile Repair Unit was originally designed for repairs in combat conditions, but also shows great potential for industries such as oil and gas, mining and renewable energy. The D523 unit offers the ability to perform repairs at remote locations on items such as heat exchangers or vehicles. The integrated spray booth uses robotics to ensure reliable repair of components such as transmission boxes.

An outstanding feature of the mobile repair unit is its autonomous mode of operation: It requires only electricity and compressed air. It can therefore be conveniently operated via a generator, which supports an air compressor and the necessary power supply.

The cold blasting technology used in the Mobile Repair Unit is an effective method of repairing damaged parts. In this process, metal powders are shot onto a surface at high speed, resulting in a bond and restoring the original shape.

The Additive Manufacturing Village 2023, organized by the European Defense Agency, will serve as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of Titomics Mobile Repair Unit. Here, five different military units will participate in battle damage repair experiments.

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