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ValCUN supplies Minerva 3D Printing System to Sirris Innovation Center

Aluminum additive manufacturing (AM) specialist ValCUN recently announced the sale of its Minerva printer to Sirris, a recognized Belgian industrial innovation center. This move represents the breakthrough of the Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) technology developed by ValCUN.

MMD technology enables one-piece metal dispersion, using commercially available metal wire as raw material. This not only ensures user-friendly operation, but also drastically reduces costs by 75% to over 90% compared to other AM processes. The technology thus opens up avenues towards industrial series production. Another advantage of the MMD process is its sustainability: it is characterized by energy efficiency, minimized waste and the absence of toxic chemicals or powders.

The Sirris Innovation Center, which always strives to drive technological innovation, recognized the potential of the MMD-based Minerva printer. The Minerva printer’s advantages in terms of quality, sustainability and deployability fit perfectly with Sirris’ mission to provide innovative solutions to its broad network of 2500 industry partners. In addition, the Minerva printer focuses specifically on aluminum, a metal that is in high demand by the industry.

Jonas Galle, CEO of ValCUN, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to announce this collaboration with Sirris. Their expertise in technological research and development perfectly complements the groundbreaking capabilities of our Minerva Printer and its MMD technology. Together, we aim to push the boundaries of what’s achievable in the world of Advanced Manufacturing. The industrial network of Sirris will be of the first ones in the world to explore and benefit this technology.”

The Minerva printer opens new perspectives for industrial applications, from structural components to heat exchangers. ValCUN will support Sirris in the implementation of the Minerva printer and share valuable knowledge. Both companies plan to collaborate on research projects to further develop MMD technology and address specific industrial challenges.

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