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VSHAPER in Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow

This week, on October 21, Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow will host a meeting called ‘SOLIDWORKS w Polsce’. The enthusiasts of this remarkably popular CAD environment will meet again in Cracow where VSHAPER 3D Printers producer will present its printing solutions as one of the points on the event’s agenda.

The ‘SOLIDWORKS w Polsce’ conference in an annual event organized by SOLIDEXPERT. During the event the company will present the latest developments in the newest version of the software. As usual, the organizers have prepared special attractions and appearance of important guests. During break time the visitors will have the chance to visit the booths of conference partners, alongside VSHAPER there will also be Dassault Systemes, SOLIDWORKS and 3DConnexion.

VSHAPER booth will feature its newest model of 3D Printer already available for presale. VSHAPER GO is a perfect solution when embarking upon the adventure of 3D Printing. It’s the answer to the expectations of designers, creators, enthusiasts and companies implementing the use of 3D Printing technology. When creating VSHAPER GO our main focus was to shorten the path from user’s model to final print. The device prints in ABS and PLA. It is characterized by platform auto-leveling and automatic nozzle cleaning.

Among the lecturers of the conference, talking about the new 3D Printing technology, will be Marcin Szymański  – VSHAPER Product Manager. During the event a prize draw will also have its place. Verashape company has funded a voucher for VSHAPER 3D prints worth 500 zl.

The ‘SOLIDWORKS w Polsce’ conference is also a perfect opportunity to establish new business contacts. Each year the event gathers over a hundred companies from various industries united through the common denominator – SOLIDWORKS!

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Verashape A producer of 3D VSHAPER industrial printers, characterized by patented technological solutions. Mostly valued in automotive, foundry, aerospace and medical industry as well as the production of injection molds, research institutes, higher education and design. Customers worldwide are interested in the printers, especially Germany, USA, Italy and Korea. Apart from the models on standard offer Verashape also provides custom made printers. Currently Verashape team is working on a project called ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ subsidized by The National Centre for Research and Development 2014-2020 creating a new model of 3D printer. The aim of the project is to enhance FFF (fused filament fabrication) printing technology.