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YouTuber presents small 3D-printed lathe for metalworking

Creative makers have always realized unusual ideas with 3D printing and modern technology. YouTuber Chris Borge has designed a small but effective 3D-printed lathe and documented its construction.

In his video, Borge takes us through the iterative process – from the first flawed prototypes to the final version of his self-built lathe. The core piece is a 3D-printed housing that is stabilized by cast-in concrete. This is supplemented by a motor drive, bearings and guides from the DIY store and inexpensive spare parts.

The innovative construction impresses with its slim design without a conventional cross axis. Instead, the turning tool is guided directly. Despite the minimalist design, various turning and drilling tasks can be carried out.

In a series of demonstrations, Borge shows the versatility of the lathe – from producing simple metal parts from aluminum bars to decorated wooden turned parts. The lathe operations are surprisingly precise thanks to manual tool guidance.

“It’s not intended to compete with professional lathes, but to be an inexpensive alternative for makers and hobbyists,” emphasizes Borge. If you build it yourself, the cost of the 3D printing lathe is a maximum of 100 to 200 US dollars – depending on how much you build yourself.

Numerous useful modifications such as an adjustable tool holder or copy turning device are planned. He is also making the final version available free of charge on Thingiverse.

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