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3D Bioprinting Technology to be used to Remove Cancer Cells

The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) is developing the world’s first 3D bioprinting technology that improves the function of NK immune cells. This new technology is expected to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

The new technology uses natural killer (NK) cells as a novel approach to immunotherapy. The NK cells are encapsulated in 3D-printed hydrogels, which prevents cell loss and allows the cells to focus on tumor cells. The NK cells remain viable in the hydrogels, are released after some time, and can perform their immune function.

Intravenously injected NK cells have not shown effective results in solid tumors in clinical trials because their viability was not maintained. However, by using the newly developed technology, NK cells remain viable and active to attack cancerous tissues.

Principal Researcher Su A Park of KIMM was quoted as saying, “This technology can help to significantly improve the functionality of NK cells that are used for cancer treatment. We expect to contribute to the treatment of cancer patients through this newly developed technology.”

The study was supported by several government agencies and the results were published in the journal Biomaterials Research.

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