Home Industry 3D printing enables AR integration in ski goggles

3D printing enables AR integration in ski goggles

The Estonian startup Rekkie has developed ski goggles with augmented reality (AR). Thanks to 3D printing, important structural parts of the goggles could be manufactured, as the company announced. A small display shows the wearer data such as speed and altitude.

The Rekkie smart ski goggles are designed to optimize the classic skiing experience with the help of AR. The current speed, altitude and direction are permanently displayed in the goggles. According to the manufacturer, this is particularly useful on descents in ski resorts and in open terrain.

Specially manufactured 3D-printed components are used for AR integration. According to Rekkie, it uses high-quality materials. In addition to the basic data, the goggles can also display the locations of group members. To use the goggles, there is an app for the iPhone or Android phone.

The REKKIE Smart Snow Goggles cost around 332 euros in the official store.

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