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3D printing service provider FKM invests in solutions from Dimensionics

German 3D printing services provider FKM Additive Manufacturing has invested in density measurement technology from Dimensionics. The company says it will enable manufacturers and contractors like FKM to reduce human error, speed up production, increase precision and improve quality control through automation.

FKM’s investment in Dimensionics is intended to advance the fully automated process chain in additive manufacturing, according to Philipp Prüße, head of sales at Dimensionics. “For 3D printing to play a disruptive role, the entire process chain must be automated,” Prüße said.

Dimensionics’ solutions are designed to work reliably not only in the lab, but also in volume production, he said. According to Stefan Behlert, head of quality management at FKM, more and more customers are demanding 3D printing as a production technology. Therefore, he says, it is necessary to optimize various quality assurance systems to increase customer confidence.

“Given the large number of components we produce every day, we need fast and accurate non-destructive density measurement,” Behlert explains. Dimensionics initially performed free sample measurements and provided a payback calculation, he said. The results were convincing, he says, so that FKM has now purchased a measuring unit for its in-house quality laboratory.

The density measuring machine has been specially adapted for FKM. It can test not only test cubes, but also tensile bars and finished components up to a certain size. As a result, the quality assurance process can be improved and employee time can be used more efficiently.

According to Prüße, the automation of density measurement enables consistent material quality. Defects and deviations can be detected early in the production process, allowing strict quality standards to be maintained.

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