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3D printing and steampunk

Steampunk style is getting more and more popular, so we decided to combine it with modern technology – 3D modeling and printing. Our goal is to build a lamp with some 3D printed decorative parts.

In this case, it will be a gear, but divided into quarters. Again, it will be a decoration used on a wooden base.

First step: 3D modeling. After several attempts, we have finally managed to achieve the wanted design. Render is done, too. Make sure to check all measurements before printing.

The model is published on PARTcloud.net portal (free download):


The gear is printed (all four quarters). We used black, because it is the best base color to start with. Printing went smoothly and we are satisfied with the result. It is time to paint it.

Metallic black paint is used, because it will better match to a wooden base which is painted to look like a black anthracite stone/black marble. This is the first step. When the paint is dry (approximately one hour), we can start with the second step.

Second step: painting in metallic silver. Small sponge will do a great job and it is also important not to repeat the same pattern over and over, again. Why? To look more natural. Plus, patina effect is desired here. When paint job is done, you have to wait until it is dry. We suggested to clear coat it next day in order to protect it and to add shine to it.

Holes are drilled in the wooden base and we used two-component glue to make sure nothing will fall off. The final result looks really good! More details on the lamp itself: tree housing is made of wood (CNC) same as the base. Air filter is from an old truck and it is positioned around the Edison bulb. Three types of paint are used: silver, gray and black metallic. Also, several layers of transparent green are applied on the tree housing and air filter.

Everything is clear coated into high gloss finish. The lamp is done. Hope you liked this blog and found it interesting, but also informative how to combine steampunk style with 3D modeling and printing. Feel free to download the model from PARTcloud.net portal and use it for your own creations. Good luck!

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