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Amalgamma Develops New Method for 3D Printing Concrete

Amalgamma, a team of four master students, has launched a project called “Fossilized”, aiming at the creation of architectural designs by adapting a more tectonic approach to 3D printed form.

The 3D printing concrete method developed by the team combines two already existing techniques. The concrete material is printed by an industrial robotic arm equipped with a customised tool head that extrudes to a 1 cm resolution, while a granular support material around the extruded concrete is deposited. Due to this support material, large overhangs and a higher resolution can be achieved, thus more varied and volumetric design forms can be created.

In order to enhance the results a binder was incorporated into the extrusion process which was used to harden certain parts of the granular support to produce a multi material piece. The finalized 3D printing process therefore combines a dual material nozzle of concrete and binder which connects to an industrial robot and print both materials in the same routine.”

Check out the video below to get a better idea of how the process works:

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