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AMPOWER Report: 3D printing market had a market growth of 14.4% in 2022

The global market for Additive Manufacturing grows to new record of EUR 9.53 billion in 2022. Despite falling short of expectations, 5-year forecast remains stable with around 18% year-on-year growth.

The Germany based strategy consultancy AMPOWER has published its annual market report for industrial Additive Manufacturing. The report analyzes global industry developments in 2022 and provides an outlook for the next 5 years based on supplier and buyer expectations. The report is available online and as a PDF at www.additive-manufacturing-report.com.

For 2022 AMPOWER reports a market growth of 14.4% in a post pandemic market environment. Investments into new equipment have increased but many companies shifted their focus towards optimization of existing capacity rather than investments into new machines. Part manufacturing remains the largest segment of the total market with revenue of nearly EUR 4 billion despite only 11% growth in 2022. Supplier forecasts remain nearly unchanged from the previous year with an average compound growth rate of around 18% for the next 5 years. Users, however, have slightly lowered their predictions and look more cautiously into their next AM investments.

In general, the trend of strong metal AM growth continues which drives the whole industry. The metal related Additive Manufacturing market grew by over 20% while the polymer market only reports roughly half of this growth. The polymer market remains larger in size with more than double the market value.

With 33%, the US market remains the strongest regional segment for machine sales globally followed by China with around half of that relative market share. Dr. Maximilian Munsch, co-author and partner at AMPOWER sees a shift in the global markets: “Western suppliers are reporting an increasingly difficult market environment in China, making it nearly impossible to generate a substantial footprint after very successful sales in the past 10 years.” Chinese machine vendors on the other side reported massive growth especially within mainland China. Furthermore, the export activities of Chinese vendors are increasing in all segments, especially on the European markets.

The AMPOWER Report 2023 is based on over 300 personal interviews conducted by the Hamburg based consultancy company. Machine suppliers that cover 90% of the installed system base today are a primary source for the report survey. In addition to suppliers, particular emphasis is placed on interviewing users to enable a demand-oriented evaluation of future market developments. In addition to the market analysis, the report contains articles from guest authors who discuss the development of the 3D printing market in individual regions.

AMPOWER is the leading strategy consultancy and thought leader in the field of industrial Additive Manufacturing. The company advises investors, start-ups as well as suppliers and users of 3D printing technology in strategic decisions, due diligence investigations and provides unique access to market intelligence. On operational level, AMPOWER supports the introduction of Additive Manufacturing through targeted training programs as well as identification and development of components suitable for production. Further services include the setup of quality management and support in qualification of internal and external machine capacity. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany.

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