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During the corona crisis, the Additive Manufacturing Austria Association offers coordinated assistance in the procurement of urgently needed parts for 3D printing.

The Austrian technology platform Additive Manufacturing Austria (AM Austria) has established a contact point to coordinate between supply bottlenecks and existing 3D printing resources.

3D printing enables the quick production of components made of metal, plastic and ceramics. In the course of the delivery difficulties and supply bottlenecks resulting from the corona crisis, AM Austria now offers coordinated access to the local resources and competences of the association’s members.

The focus of the offer is on mediation in the area of spare parts procurement for biomedical products and devices, and it includes the following assistance:

  1. Coordination of inquiries via AM Austria
  2. Access to the network of AM Austria, consisting of equipment and material manufacturers, users and service providers for additive manufacturing, CAD designers and specialists for the selection of suitable 3D printing technologies
  3. Measurement of existing and possibly defective components
  4. Generation of CAD data according to the provided components, which are essential for printing parts on different platforms
  5. Selection and provision of different materials. Advice is also required on the applicability in specific applications (regulatory issues).
  6. Provision of 3D-printing capacities, including post-processing of parts
  7. Estimation of delivery times and feasible series sizes

To ensure prompt and professional assistance, AM Austria asks for detailed enquiries to include the following minimum information:

  1. The contact person of the requesting organisation
  2. A short and concrete description of the problem
  3. Provision of photos and/or sample parts to be printed
  4. Information about the required quantities and required delivery times
  5. Appropriate enquiries, preferably from official bodies and institutes, can be sent via email to initiative@am-austria.com.