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AutoFarm3D – 3DQue launches suite of automation tools

3DQue launched AutoFarm3D, a full suite of automation tools that gives operators ultimate control over all of their printers. AutoFarm3D is ideal for mass production, automating everything from directing print job traffic, to performing farm operational procedures.

In development for 3 years, AutoFarm3D transforms manual activities into digital tasks, automates them and updates operators in real-time: alerting them to issues and reporting on farm productivity and efficiency.

“AutoFarm3D is our customers’ secret weapon, allowing operators to manage and monitor tens, hundreds or thousands of printers from a single dashboard.” says Steph Sharp, co founder and CEO, “Designed to scale as a print farm grows, AutoFarm3D is suitable for every operation from Etsy stores and online sellers, to service bureaus and large industrial farms. It even helps manage complex record keeping in regulated industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical.”

The first FDM print farm automation software to enable mass production

“Manual farms running on old technology are less productive because tasks cannot be done in bulk, and every printer needs to be micromanaged,” explains Mateo Pekic, co-founder and COI, “AutoFarm3D treats your 3D print farm as a single interconnected system, rather than a set of isolated machines. It is the first software designed specifically for FDM print farms of all sizes and compatible with a mixed range of 3D printers, materials, colors, and part designs.”

AutoFarm3D provides operators with powerful productivity boosters like bulk file management, bulk print queuing and auto job dispatch and assignment. The central filing system ensures all printers on the farm are up to date with the same production-ready gcode files. Operators can observe any printer at a moment’s notice with an unlimited number of camera feeds. When coupled with auto ejection systems such as the VAAPR print bed or belt printers, it multiplies weekly output.

Prevent bottlenecks, organize and expedite flow of jobs, and support operators

Humans are the number one cause of printer downtime. Automating everything from job scheduling and dispatch, to part ejection and data collection immediately increases output 200% – 300%. Using powerful built-in tools such as SmartTagsTM AutoFarm3D automatically matches jobs to printers, streamlining workflow while maximizing printer utilization.

Improve productivity with automation

AutoFarm3D uses secure, encrypted direct tunneling to provide users with a one-click solution for remote access, where they can manage and monitor printers, upload gcode, view dozens of live camera streams, or even setup and review timelapses. With encrypted direct tunneling, farm data and files are stored entirely on-premise, accessible from anywhere for authorized users. Monitor and manage printers in another room or another country

Increase efficiency by eliminating paperwork and spreadsheets

Automate paperwork on your production floor with customizable SmartTags, comprehensive job data capture and easy-to-understand live reporting. 3DQue’s unique printer fingerprinting ID system ensures data stays intact and visible even when printers are offline. 3DQue is working with farms ranging from startups with a few printers to huge farms with 1,000+ printers producing everything from industrial and consumer finished goods to jigs and fixtures. Customers scaling rapidly are in diverse industries including electronics, toys, automotive, aerospace, and household goods.

The factory of the future is already here and may be running in your backyard! With over 3 million parts printed, 3DQue technology runs farms of Prusas, Ender-3s, Artillery Sidewinders, and many more printers in over 20 countries.

Find out more about 3DQue at 3dque.com.

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